Danish Values

A few instances happened last week that I have not stopped thinking about. I always knew that I admired the Danish way of life, and being immersed in the culture has made me appreciate how different Danish people can be compared to Americans.

On my way to Stockholm, Sweden last week I lost my wallet in the Copenhagen Airport. I guess I left it somewhere and thought I would never see it again. I ordered all new cards and assumed the $200 in cash I left in the wallet was gone for good. A week later, I get a call from the Copenhagen Police station saying that someone turned in my wallet and I should come retrieve it. Not only am I shocked that someone went out of their way to turn in my wallet, but I was more shocked to find out no one charged anything to the cards, took anything out, and left my cash untouched. Maybe this would have happened in America, but I just know the cash would at least be stolen. This made me appreciate the trust system that the Danish people somehow co-created.

Later that week, I was on a run when my AirPods drop out of my pocket. I kept running, not knowing they fell to the ground. All of the sudden a biker approaches me and I was still running listening to music so I didn’t stop. He comes so close to me I jolt away, but he sticks out his arm and hands me my dropped AirPods case. This biker must have seen I dropped my AirPods, got off his bike that he was riding, picked them up, and got back on to bike to me and hand them to me. Little instances like these make me feel so welcomed and safe in Copenhagen.

I know either of these instances could happen in America, but it just goes to show the values and integrity Danish people have. It is such a healthy environment to live in. Everyone helps everyone, no matter if you are American or Danish; you are treated the same. In my month here, I am so lucky to say I have never experienced feeling unsafe or uncomfortable which is something I can’t even say in my hometown. If safety and secureness is a major factor in deciding where to go abroad, I can not speak highly enough about Copenhagen.

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