Day Trip Around Denmark!

This past weekend I decided to purposely not book a trip anywhere so I could give my self the chance to finally explore Denmark outside of Copenhagen. Before even coming abroad, I made a document of places around Denmark I wanted to explore, and Mons Klint was #1 on my list! I grabbed two of my friends here (one from my college and one other DIS student I befriended during my time here) and we headed to the airport on Sunday to rent a car for the day. While there are car sharing apps such as SHARENOW which would have been cheaper, you must have your US drivers listen approved along with a bunch of other credentials I was unable to get verified in time. Because the app was too much of a hassle, we just went directly to the car rental services at the Copenhagen and rented one (at an unfortunately high cost) for the entire day.

The drive to Mons Klint was as beautiful as the cliffs itself. I strongly suggest making the trip in the fall; the leaves had just turned and fall decorations were littering the front yards of the little danish cottages we passed.

We drove for a little under two hours to Southern Denmark where the cliffs can be found. Since Denmark is a collection of little islands, we passed over many bridges and admired the ocean view the entire drive. Once we arrived at the cliffs, we walked down the stairs to base of the cliffs and walked around the pebble beach there. I never thought Denmark’s coast what have such enormous cliff sides; it was truly breathtaking!

On our way to Mons Clint, we saw the famous Danish Forrest Tower peaking through the woods off the high way and made a mental note to stop there on our way back. We drove about an hour towards Copenhagen and pulled over to the Camp Adventure where you could buy tickets to go up the Forrest tower. The ticket price was about $25 and it was worth every cent. Since the tower is in the middle of the woods, you have to follow a path that takes you through the dense Forrest until you arrive at the tower. I’d try to explain the tower, but the pictures I took explain it all.

Overall, my friends and I got home 5 hours later and we all concluded that this was one of the best days we have had abroad so far. Being in a car with my friends felt so nostalgic; its like we forgot that some people actually drive cars and don’t use public transportation every where! The trip to these two spots was a sight in and of itself. I feel so lucky to be in Denmark, a country full of jaw-dropping scenery and cozy fall landscapes. 10/10 day.

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