Weekend Trip to Dublin

Last weekend I met up with a bunch of my college friends in Dublin, Ireland and had the best time! Here are some things we did during our three night stay in Dublin:

On our first full day, we booked in advanced a 12 hour bus tour that took us from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. Although we had trouble getting up at 6:00 am to make the bus, we all agreed that this entire tour-guide-led bus tour was a highlight of abroad. The cliffs were nothing like I have ever seen before. No wonder so many films feature this breathtaking location! 

If you ever find yourself in Dublin, the cliffs of Moher is definitely worth the 4 hour ride there. Plus, on the way we got to stop at another landmark and take some pictures on the rocky cliffs off the desolate coast of Ireland.

Even though we were exhausted form a long day traveling across Ireland, we still managed to make it to a pub at night. Our tour guide recommended a local pub called “The Celt” and we ended up loving the atmosphere so much we went both nights in a row. The second day in Dublin consisted of walking around, shopping, and exploring the city and observing the culture. At night, we made it to the famous Temple Bar pub which was a must-do when in the city. I will say, It lived up to its expectations.

All in all, I fell in love with the Irish culture. I myself am Irish, so it was really special to finally learn about my heritage and meet the Irish people. My favorite part of abroad has been meeting and talking to people of each new country I go to. Irish people have the greatest sense of humor and are the most fun to engage in conversation with. I definitely recommend visiting this magical city!

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