Reflecting on Three Months and Preparing for the Last One

It is crazy to think that a month from now, I will be packing up my ever-growing wardrobe into my two suitcases and heading back to the states. The past three months abroad have been the some of most memorable of my life. Between traveling all over Europe, exploring Denmark, and meeting people from allContinue reading “Reflecting on Three Months and Preparing for the Last One”

5 Tips to Manage Your Money Abroad

It’s not a secret that Copenhagen is more expensive than the states. It can be really overwhelming and stressful figuring out how much money to spend on food, travel, shopping, ect. After a month of being in Copenhagen (and through trial and error), I feel like I finally figured out some solutions to managing andContinue reading “5 Tips to Manage Your Money Abroad”

Here’s What People Wont Share on Their Instagram…

I am approaching my third week in Copenhagen and time has truly flown by. Time does fly when you’re having fun, but time also flies by when everything around you is new and different. I’ve liked to describe my first three weeks so far as feeling like you have graduated college, and then immediately beingContinue reading “Here’s What People Wont Share on Their Instagram…”